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Many people have an interest in spotting and identifying types of birds found in specific areas. The following is a list of birds sighted on Leeuwkop golf course or along the banks of the Jukskei River by Roy Paige over the last 18 months. Members are invited to add to the list if they identify any additional bird types on the course or along the river next to the course.


The aim is to see how many types of bird frequent our course. With the spread of indigenous tree planting in Gauteng there has been a migration of birds from other areas into our surroundings. A pair of grey hornbills has become a frequent sighting at Leeuwkop for instance. Previously one would have to go to the bushveld areas to see these hornbills.


If you identify any bird not on the list below please email Roy Paige at or Craig Ryall our website man at . Supply the following information: your name, date of sighting, type of bird sighted, location on the course where sighted. Please be very specific on the location so that other members can be alerted where to look for the bird. (eg. Reeds next to the road at hole 5 dam.)


You can, of course, also use the existing list as a check off list on your personal sightings.



Roy Paige- Communications



Roy Paige spotted a Pintailed Wydah near the 5th green on Saturday morning






 Roy Paige spotted a Cape Teal near the Weir on Saturday morning

UPDATE February 2017

Andrew Martin a keen birder, has been visiting the course over January / February and has added the following to our list:

Wed 18 Jan: Sand Martin, South African Cliff Swallow, Booted Eagle, Cape Longclaw.

Fri 10 Feb:Eurasian Hobby, European Honey Buzzard, Black Chested Prinia, Marsh Warbler

Wed 4 January : Black Sparrowhawk

Fri 6 January; Great Reed Warbler,  African Reed Warbler, Willow Warbler, African Quailfinch, Black Cuckoo, Spotted Flycatcher, Three- banded Plover, Crested Francolin, Swainson's Francolin, Common Waxbill, Levaillant's Cisticola, Lesser Striped Swallow

UPDATE November 2016

On Wednesday 23rd November a Stone Chat seen in the reeds on the 7th dam.

Image result for stone chat bird south africa 

UPDATE 3 February 2016 

A Ring-Necked Parakeet was spotted by Roy Paige. If recent history of this variety is to be followed, we should be getting to see a lot more of these in the years to come.

UPDATE 11 November 2015


A spoonbill was spotted by Roy Paige at the 16th dam. Not only this, but during the round a Verraux eagle and a Glossy Ibis were also observed at the course. We have now listed 90 bird sightings at LGC!


UPDATE January 2015 

On Saturday 3rd January Roy Paige spotted a Lesser Swamp Warbler near the 12th hole dam.


UPDATE June 2014

 On Wednesday 25 June a pair of Ground Scraper Thrushes (new sighting) were spotted around the 8th tee box. .


UPDATE February 2014

Gail Hurry and Val Cairns saw a Little Bittern on Wednesday 26th Feb in the reeds on left hand side of the dam at the bottom of the 15th hole at around 13h00 . 

Roy Paige and fourball sighted a Giant Kingfisher on the dam to the right of the 8th tee box on Wednesday 19 February. There were also two yellow bill ducks on the spillway.

 UPDATE November 2013

Deks Zunker sighted a Woodlands Kingfisher on Wednesday  the 20th November, 2013 at 11.30am( plus minus)  between the 1st tee and the 18th green.

UPDATE October 2013 

White Throated Swallow and African Palm Swift spotted by John Hobbs on Thursday 24 around the clubhouse.

UPDATE August 2013

Pygmy Kingfisher spotted by the Gail Hurry fourball on the 22nd August around 07h30 from the tee box on the 7th tee.  It was on the corner post of the dam on the right of the women’s tee box – that is the dam at the bottom of the 15th hole.  Flew off towards 16th hole.

Pygmy Kinfisher


Barn Owl - stumbled upon by Craig Ryall after he had flared his approach shot to the long grass on the right hand side of the road next to the 5th green. Owl hopped away probably disgusted with the shot - and the ball was not recovered...

Barn Owl

 UPDATE 19 JULY 2013

 Cathy Kozmary Sighted a Mandarin duck on July 19th, 2013 in the big dam surrounded by the 6th and 7th.


Purple Heron has been spotted by Roy Paige twice at the dam in front of the 12th green. It’s favourite spot is the reeds next to the spillway from the dam on the 13th tee box. Stands still for long periods waiting to spear its prey. Smaller than the Grey Heron.


Purple Heron



 Keith Fraser spotted a Lilac Breasted Roller on the other side of the Jukskei opposite the 4th tee on Wednesday 16th January 2013. A rare sighting for Sandton.




(As of July 2017)


Order based on appearance in Kenneth Newman’s BIRDS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA .

* denotes unusual sighting – image provided purely to assist with recognition (please do not reproduce / use commercially without specific owner approval)…


1. Grey-headed Gull

2. Reed Cormorant

3. White-breasted Cormorant

4. African Darter

5. Green-backed Heron


6. Black Egret *     Black Egret   

 7. Cattle Egret

8. Little Egret

9. Grey Heron


10. Goliath Heron * Goliath Heron


11. Black-headed Heron

12. Hamerkop

13. (African) Sacred Ibis

14. Hadeda Ibis

16. White-faced Duck

17. Egyptian Goose

18. African Black Duck

19. Yellow-billed Duck

20. Dabchick

21. Red-knobbed Coot

22. (Common) Moorhen

23. Blacksmith Plover (Lapwing)

24. Crowned Plover

25. Wattled Plover

26 Spotted Dikkop (Thick Knee)

27. Helmeted Guineafowl

28. Yellow-billed Kite


29. Long-crested Eagle * Long Crested Eagle


30 African Fish Eagle * African Fish Eagle


31. Black-shouldered Kite

32. Little Sparrowhawk

33. Rock Pigeon

34. Feral Pigeon

35. Rameron Pigeon

36. Grey Lourie

37. Diederik Cuckoo

38. Red-chested Cuckoo

39. Burchell’s Coucal

40 Spotted Eagle Owl

41. Giant Eagle Owl

42. Speckled Mousebird

43. Red-faced Mousebird

44. European Bee-eater


45. Giant Kingfisher *  Giant Kingfisher


46. Pied Kingfisher

47. Malachite Kingfisher

48 Red-billed Woodhoopoe

49. African Hoopoe


50. African Grey Hornbill * African Grey Hornbill


51. Black-collared Barbet

52. Crested Barbet


54. Pied Crow

55. Black-eyed Bulbul

56. Olive Thrush


58. Pallid Flycatcher

59. Fiscal Flycatcher

60. Paradise-flycatcher

61. Fiscal Shrike

62. Indian Myna


64. White-bellied Sunbird

65. Black or Amethyst Sunbird.


68. House Sparrow

69. Grey-headed Sparrow

70. Masked Weaver

71. Red Bishop

72. Chin-spot Batis


74. Laughing Dove

75. Tawny-flanked Prinia


76. Red-throated Wryneck *  Red Throated Wryneck


77. Lilac Breasted Roller

78. Purple Heron

79. Barn Owl

80. Pygmy Kingfisher

81. Woodlands Kingfisher

82. Mandarin Duck

83. Little Bittern

84. Ground Scraper Thrush

85. African Pipit

86. Thick Billed Weaver

87. Lesser Swamp Warbler

88. Spoonbill

89. Verraux eagle

90. Glossy Ibis

91. Ring-Necked Parakeet

91. Spoonbill

92. Stone Chat

93. Great Reed Warbler

94. African Reed Warbler,

95. Willow Warbler,

96. African Quailfinch

97. Black Cuckoo

98. Spotted Flycatcher

99. Three- banded Plover

100 Crested Francolin

101 Swainson's Francolin

102 Common Waxbill

103 Levaillant's Cisticola

104 Lesser Striped Swallow

105 Eurasian Hobby

106 European Honey Buzzard

107 Black Chested Prinia

108 Marsh Warbler

109 Black Sparrowhawk

Great Reed Warbler

111 African Reed Warbler

112 Willow Warbler

113 African Quailfinch

114 Black Cuckoo

115 Spotted Flycatcher

116 Three- banded Plover

117 Crested Francolin

118 Swainson's Francolin

119 Common Waxbill

120 Levaillant's Cisticola

121 Lesser Striped Swallow

122 Cape Teal

123 Pintailed Wydah