Golf Course

Handicap and Scorecards

Members are reminded that handicaps are now adjusted once a score is entered and not once a month. Your current handicap is printed on your green fee payment receipt for easy reference. It is suggested you check your handicap before every round to avoid the embarrassment of submitting an incorrect score card.

SAGA requires that clubs assist with the controls verifying handicap scores. South Africa relies on the integrity of our golfers, along with peer review, and most importantly the Handicap Committee at each club, to ensure that members are recording their correct scores.

 The general view is that more than 98% of golfers are honest, and if clubs open rounds so that all players have to enter scores, then fellow players – along with handicap committees- can check that the less than 2% who are prone to managing their handicaps are policed.

Leeuwkop members must note that the requirement that all players must hand in a score card to the Proshop at the end of every round played at Leeuwkop will be enforced with immediate effect. This was the requirement before but has not been followed through lately. Some players do not hand in score cards if they have not played well and are not in the running to win prizes, although they do enter their scores on the computer. This is not permitted as all score cards are needed for control purposes.

  1. The Handicap Committee will do a regular check on a sample of score cards of score entered against score on the score card.

  2.  Score cards must be checked and signed by both player and marker.

  3. The completed score cord must be handed in immediately after the round is completed and not taken into the change room or clubhouse.

  4.  The staff will check submission of score cards against member names on the time sheet and refer omissions to the Committee.

 In completing your score card please note that Initial (or first name) and Surname of players required. Submitting player is recorded as Player A and marker entered as Marker C. In an IPS competition every player must submit an individual score card, in Better Ball type competitions two cards per fourball may be submitted and in Alliance one card suffices. There must always be two signatures on score card, those of Player A and Marker C.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Club Captain and Handicap Committee